Naviforce watch for men and women. Reviews and price

Chinese brand watches have made a sensational debut on the global market. The reason ? They have a very trendy design, worthy of the great European watchmakers but above all, they are marketed at very attractive prices, sometimes up to fifteen times cheaper than the big brands. Among these brands originating in China that pierce, we find the brand Naviforce. She knew how to make a name thanks to two main reasons. The first reason is that it specializes in the creation of watches with sporty design. The second is that all his rides have a much longer life than average. Thus, it is at the top of the list of durable watches at lower prices. In addition, even if it seems to be only intended for a sporty look, its collections are full of models that are at the forefront of current trends.

Naviforce, the sports and design watch

As already announced, the design of Naviforce watches is based on the sport model. According to our experiences, a sports watch is always made to be resistant to the various shocks that can occur during a physical activity. So, we immediately think of the image of a big black rubber or silicone watch. We also think of the integrated chronograph (called chronometer in the usual language) which normally goes hand in hand with a sports watch to calculate the jogging trips … And yet, the Naviforce brand has not contented itself with remaining in this “norm”. Indeed, it is true that many of his watches are really identical to the description above. But yet, it also displays watches with fine and flexible lines. You will have a wide choice of colors and genuine materials apart from rubber and silicone. And several models as unique as each other form their collection. Innovation and design are therefore very important for Naviforce.

Naviforce watch for men

The range of Naviforce watches is mainly dedicated to men. Thus each man will be able to find his happiness among more than fifty models available.

This Naviforce men’s watch is one of the most expensive branded. It is equipped with the Miyota mechanism with date in 12-24h-day cycle, manufactured by Citizen. It is an analog Quartz watch that is made of stainless steel. His body and stainless steel bracelets are all black in color. You will have four colors to choose from inside the dial and the hands: blue, red, orange or gray. It is also waterproof up to 30 meters in the water

This Naviforce men’s watch is specialized in the waterproof, that is to say the water resistance. It is a multi-functional watch since it offers the following services: precisely indicates the time, the date and the week; has an alarm, a light backlight and stopwatch or chronograph. But what really sets it apart is that it is waterproof. Thus, it can withstand water up to 30 m deep, provided you do not press the keys once submerged in water.

Naviforce watch for women

From the beginning, we regret to announce that Naviforce watches for women are really rare and few. However, unisex models can be adapted for women.

This Naviforce ladies silver metal watch is a Quartz analog. Its bracelet and its case are made of high quality stainless metal. The glass covering the dial is a mineral glass that ensures the good resistance of this accessory. Whatever the diameter of your wrist, the watch will fit on your wrist by squeezing or loosening the wristband without the need for tools, simply with the sheer force of your hand. Even if it has a sporty look, it can be worn on all occasions and matched with its outfit of the day.

A better guarantee

The Naviforce men’s and women’s watches have really managed to vary the sport designs to release a whole range of watches with beautiful and unique models. Highly resistant to shock and equipped with the waterproof function, the Naviforce watch offers the best guarantees on the market. Indeed, depending on the model of the watch, a warranty of up to two years is given. This is a huge asset considering that among other Chinese brands, the warranty is just a few months. This guarantee testifies to the brand’s concern to give consumers a quality product.

Why buy a Naviforce watch?

Despite the fact that there are very few models for women at Naviforce, it goes without saying that his watches are authentic and of good quality for such low prices. If a Naviforce brand watch will live two years on your wrist, the majority of its competitors will wear out after 6 months of use. Which makes these watches really unique. In addition, it uses high quality materials such as genuine leather and stainless steel to offer you all the best. Thus, we strongly recommend Naviforce watches if you are looking for a durable watch at a mini price.

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