Smartwatch Lemfo. Price and Reviews

The company ShenZhen Wayforward Electronic Co was founded by the Chinese Zhang Ting in 2008. It produces state of the art technological devices that can be worn on ourselves. This is how the “Lemfo” brand smartwatches were born in 2014. In less than 5 years of existence, they have been able to penetrate the international market and figure at the top of the list of sales in their category, as in Brazil. Spain, Russia and many other countries. Employing more than a hundred people, pushing the limits of technology is their motive. Like all the Chinese watches on the market, the prices are really affordable compared to the watches of similar big brands. They produce watch collections for men and women, incorporating computer-like features.

LEMFO, an innovative connected watch

Wear a LEMFO It’s like wearing a computer on your wrist. The smartwatch has wireless connectivity with Bluetooth or Wifi technologies, it is also called connected watch. Lemfo smartwatch are therefore innovations in electronic technology. Specific software like Android and IOS are used by the watch to be able to offer the best performances. The question arises: what can be done with a Lemfo smart watch? This may vary depending on the model. But in general, you can do calculations, have a diary, listen to music or watch videos, connect to the internet, make file exchanges via Bluetooth, measure your physical activities, use GPS … There even who can run mobile applications like games and others who play the role of a real mobile phone by inserting a sim card. For all these features, Lemfo keeps improving them and even creating new ones.

LEMFO LEM5 and the others …?

Lemfo produces a whole range of Smartwatch distributed among various collections. It offers watches dedicated to men and women, but in general, their watches are unisex. That is, they can be worn by both a man and a woman. Here is a selection of the best Lemfo Smartwatch.

The Lemfo LEM5 connected watch is one of the newest smart watches released on the market. It wants to be more powerful, more beautiful and more ergonomic than these predecessors. It is full of a multitude of features. First, a very advanced configuration under Android OS 5.1, Quad Core processor, a RAM of 1GB with an internal memory of 8GB, a resolution of 400 * 400 and a battery of 450 mAh. Then you can insert a nano sim and connect any Android or IOS phone via Bluetooth. Then, thanks to 3G Wifi connectivity, you can download and install several applications. Finally, it has a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. The Lemfo LEM5 is available in black or silver.

The Lemfo LES1 is one of the most upscale watches from LEMFO. It has a small LCD touch screen that can be connected to an Android Smartphone and IOS like iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC or Sony. So, you can call or answer from your watch. With several colors available, it is possible to give it a very refined look that can be matched with all kinds of outfits. It can be worn by a man or a woman.

The LEMFO LF07 has an HD touch screen covered with an unbreakable tempered glass, resistant to scratches and shocks. It can accommodate a SIM card and operate on its own as a laptop. You can send sms, chat, chat via social networks or send emails. This watch is distinguished by its high hardness, thanks to the CNC process 42 which made it possible to manufacture its solid body. Most ? The magic voice option that can turn your voice into a man, woman, child or elderly person.

This Lemfo LEM1 Smartwatch is the first connected watch designed by LEMFO. Its dial and its design is similar to the LEMFO LEM5 and is totally made of stainless steel. It is a connected watch because it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Its strong point is that it has a pedometer that can count the number of steps taken. Ideal for people who want to keep their line and do not have the time to do indoor sports.


Unbeatable prices

For a high-quality Chinese Smartwatch with such technological advances, Lemfo are sold at low prices. With just 8 euros in your pocket, you can already get one. However, these prices can reach 230 euros for the latest Cree models like the LEM5. But again, this price is affordable and remains 2 to 2 times cheaper than Samsung or Apple for example. In other words, this brand has been able to offer the best value for money on the market.

Why buy a Lemfo Smartwatch?

Even if the brand Lemfo is very young, we do not doubt a single second of its know-how in technology and smart watch. With refined designs, durable materials, innovative features and a long service life, these smart watches have everything for them. What’s more, their very affordable prices make it possible to buy them without breaking the bank. However, you should be aware that this type of watch has no guarantee and that in case of breakdown, there is still no authorized after-sales service. Nevertheless, if you take good care of your Lemfo, buying one, even the most expensive, is a very good investment.

Lemfo Chinese Smartwatches Review. Best price/quality smartwatch?
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