Megir watch for men and women. Reviews & Prices

Several thousand watches of the Chinese brand Megir have been sold in the US and UK “. We can even find some in local shops now. This popularity comes from the fact that Megir offers watches with a simple design but at reduced prices. However, unlike the majority of watches from China, the price range displayed is still quite wide because their products are really very numerous and varied. Thus, the collection proposed by Megir is composed of a whole range of watches intended for both men and women. For all these reasons, wearing a Megir watch is becoming very popular in the world of fashion. In addition, it should be noted that this brand was created in 1979. Hence the place of honor it holds on the market.

The Megir chronograph watch

As Chinese watch manufacturers are increasingly numerous on the market, each one of them tries to innovate their products. In fact, they inevitably have to look for a way to stand out from their competitors so they do not sink into the mass. Faced with this, the Megir brand has found an effective way to distinguish itself. Indeed, she specialized in the manufacture and marketing of chronograph watches for men and women. What is a chronograph watch? It is simply a watch that has an independent needle in addition to the usual needles. One can start, pause, stop and reset this needle in order to measure a time interval. This is also referred to as the chronometer in our everyday language. So by adding this new feature to its classic watches, the Megir brand has won the hearts of many people in a very short time.

Megir watch for men

The range of Megir watches for men has seduced more than one by its simplicity but with perfect finishes. Whatever the style of the watch, the motto is always the same: simple but elegant.

This Megir chronograph watch features three sub-dials with an adjustable hand that can measure seconds, minutes and every 24h. The bracelet is made of soft silicone and the case is made of stainless steel alloy with a well designed clasp so that you are comfortable and not to hurt yourself. Totally black in color, it can be given to all your outfits. Finally, it is also resistant to everyday water.

This Megir watch for men is one of the most classic and cheapest offered by the brand. A quartz graduation, it has three round dials that are just decorative. Its black and silver colors make it the watch that you want to wear every day. Its large metal case of 4.38 cm in diameter is maintained by a black leather strap. This is the ideal watch to wear with all outfits.

Megir watch for women review

Megir watches for women are all streamlined, but look feminine. As we say so well: what is simple is beautiful!

This Megir ladies watch is equipped with three metal sub-dials. It is a sporty watch from which the addition of the chronograph function that can measure in minutes and seconds for 24h. Ideal for jogging in the morning. Its bracelet with a buckle like clasp is made of silicone. Which makes it more resistant to water. It is also impervious to daily water up to 30m deep. The bracelet is red, the color of the woman. The dial is white with a black outline. Most ? These are his luminous hands that can light up at night!

This Megir watch for women combines a casual and sporty style. A black and gray neutral color watch that is all-purpose for any outfit. With a quartz movement and analog display, it is integrated with a calendar and it is also a chronograph. It is also waterproof since it can withstand water under 30m. Its case has been made of stainless steel alloy; his bracelet, in a silicone of very high quality. Thanks to its large 4mm dial covered with a highly resistant glass, it is very easy to read the time or manipulate the chronograph.

Classic but diverse designs

From what we have just seen, the Megir watches for men and women really have a classic appearance, but the finish has been very well supported to perfect each watch, even putting three dials in decoration for the simple pleasure of the eyes. In addition, Megir offers watches in different colors, made in a variety of materials and features unique features. And yet, all these watches are similar on the same basis: simplicity, comfort and elegance.

Is it worth buying a Megir watch?

Given the perfect design of Megir watches. Given the chronograph function that seems to work well. Given the quality of the materials in which the watches were manufactured. Considering the very affordable price. We can deduce that there are only advantages to getting a Megir brand watch. It is true that it is not up to the big European brands. It is also true that it has some imperfections as the fact of advertising a waterproof watch at 30m so it can not put in the shower or in the pool. It is also true that its life is quite short. But all these reasons justify its price. Count between 18 and 230 euros to wear this brand on your wrist and follow the trend!

Megir Watch review of one of China’s most popular watch
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