One of the Chinese watch brands that is gaining momentum right now is Jaragar. Already the name makes us think of a jaguar, but its logo shows rather wings of eagles. Its flagship products are presumably automatic watches with very elegant designs. But it also has a wide range of mechanical watches, with always well-defined finishes. Like most watches made in China and sold on the French market, the prices displayed by the Jaragar brand are incredibly low. If we compare their prices with Swiss watches of the same model for example, we would think that the Jaragar is a toy. Well no. It is indeed a watch that works and gives the time! The brand still offers good value for money, as well as wristwatch collections for both men and women.

Jaragar, self-winding mechanical watch

To distinguish itself from its competitors, Jaragar has specialized in the production of mechanical watches with automatic winding. In other words, it means that they work on their own, without the need for a battery to make it work. Normally, the natural movements of the wrist are enough to automatically raise the watch. In addition, among all the types of watches that exist, watches with an automatic mechanism are those that give the most accurate time. But be careful because this kind of watch is very sensitive to shocks. Therefore, it is important not to shake them and handle them with caution especially if they need manual winding. However, the Jaragar brand has made its watches work sustainably and withstand shock.

Les meilleurs montres Jaragar

Jaragar a un large choix de montres avec différents designs, allant du style classique au modernisé. Quel que soit votre goût, vous trouverez sûrement une montre à votre poignet, surtout si les montres automatiques vous plaisent. Il y a des montres Jaragar pour homme et pour femme, mais nous vous présentons celles adaptées aux hommes.

This Jaragar men’s watch is the most classic of the collection, but also the cheapest. The stitched bracelet is made of high quality leather and is closed by a stainless steel buckle, of the same material as the case. Its round dial can be white or black. In addition, you can read the day, date and time at the same time with three small dial displays with six hands. A watch to wear everyday.

This Jaragar automatic watch is of a very original design. Do you like classical music? This HaydnString Quartet Opus 33 by Jaragar is for you! Stainless steel case and bracelet in silver color. The case is rectangular but the inner dial is round. What makes this accessory a skeleton watch, that is to say where we can see the movements of the internal mechanism. This watch also has a chronograph and is resistant to rain and perspiration.

This men’s Jaragar watch is a very refined style, to accompany a chic and classy outfit. All in black, its bracelet is of course high quality leather and its stainless steel case. It also displays the day, date and time in 12 or 24 hours. In addition, it has a light for a better visual at night or in the dark. This watch is distinguished by its tachometer function: it measures the speed of movement of an object in motion.

This Jaragar watch is called a tourbillon watch. It is a complex mechanism also called rotating cage and whose purpose is to improve the accuracy of mechanical watches. It is entirely made of chromed steel gray silver color. Three sub dials are functional, indicating the day, the date and the month. It is also equipped with a chronograph. For all these functions, this watch is one of the most expensive that Jaragar offers.

More than affordable prices

Jaragar watches have really focused on the production of automatic watches to break into the market. But still, its prices are always revised down to finally be unbeatable. And yet, automatic watches are known for their high cost, regardless of brand. What’s more, Jaragar has been able to use and integrate the tourbillon mechanism into his watches. However, this device is one of the most difficult and complex to achieve in the field of watchmaking. That’s why very few mechanical watches are equipped with them. Thus, its price range varies between 13 and 150 euros only. At these prices, Jaragar watches are selling like hotcakes. One even wonders how the company does to have profits with such cheap prices! And whether you buy the 13 euros or the most expensive, be sure that the quality is always the same: self-winding mechanical watches that are both durable and reliable.

Is it worth buying a Jaragar watch?

Without hesitation, we answer you with a big “YES”. Investing in one or why not several Jaragar brand watches can be beneficial in many ways. First of all, these watches are quite good quality thanks to the use of authentic materials like high quality leather and stainless steel chrome. Then, they are automatic watches with complex mechanism, which shows that they were made with a good manufacturing technique. Finally, Jaragar watches are the least expensive of its category. They are even cheaper than what can be expected for a watch of this kind. So here are three good reasons and three shocking arguments to no longer hesitate to buy a Jaragar automatic watch!

Jaragar Watch Review. One of China’s best watches?
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