The Curren watch brand comes straight from China and is inspired by, but not a copy of, the leading brands of Swiss men’s watches. With several rather simple designs, Curren offers a value for money that you will find only in similar Chinese watch brands such as Yazole. The watch brand Curren has managed to break into the French market particularly thanks to the site Aliexpress but we do not recommend its purchase via this unreliable site. We have been using 4 different models for 6 months now, as well as our review of Curren and these low-end watches!

Curren Watch For Men, Our Purchases.

This Curren watch equipped with a faux gold stainless bracelet has now been worn for more than 6 months without any problem. Only the date dial (Day / Month) becomes difficult to adjust.

This Curren watch is the latest to join our Curren brand collection. She is doing very well on more formal occasions and we have also received several compliments on her very professional look. Who would have thought for only 15 dollars.

The tricolor Curren watch is in tune with the times and is inspired by the latest trends in design. With a sporty look but also chic, it has nothing to envy in terms of design. Nothing to say about the quality after two months of use.

This Curren Sport watch is also made of stainless steel. Although quite heavy on the wrist it is still suitable for any sports activity and remains quite resistant. We have been wearing it for more than 3 months and no problem identified. Everything works including the settlement of the date.

Curren watch, is this level of quality worth the price?

Curren offers low-end watches with a high-end design. Of course what you find inside will not in any case of advanced watchmaking. These watches will still work for a period of more than 6 months with daily use. With an average price ranging from 12 to 30 euros, it is clear that Curren offers one of the best quality-price ratios on the market.
Before buying a Curren watch for men, we recommend to consider the following 3 points:

Be ready for the watch to stop working after 3 months

This last point is mainly due to the fact that you will not be able to return your watch if there is a defect, Aliexpress only delivering products from China. However, you can return your watch Curren Amazon Amazon site service is much better.

What are the other similar brands in Curren?

Curren is a relatively new low-cost brand and due to its immense success several brands of Chinese watches offers similar products at more or less competitive prices.
If you are looking for watches in the same price range with similar quality we advise you to consult the list below;

  • Yazole
  • GuanQin
  • Skmeii
  • Weide

Each of these brands will however have a well-defined design and very different Curren watches. We always consider Curren watches to be the most competitive in terms of price quality in their style.

Conclusion: Should I buy a Curren watch?

A watch can be a very expensive purchase and also risky … Curren offers you the opportunity to test different styles at prices defying all competition. Obviously you will not get a collector’s watch but its design will allow you to use a brand watch in any situations without ruining yourself. We advise you to take a first step by buying a watch with excellent magazines such as this one on Amazon to get an idea before moving on to a larger purchase.

Curren Watch Review. What’s a fair price for this Chinese watch?
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