A variety of watches can be found in online shops and online sales sites. Great lovers of this jewel know very well choose the right brand among many others. The watch is a jewel that combines business with pleasure. We use it not only to see the time it is, but also to bring a touch of elegance in our dress code, on all occasions. This article will introduce you to the brand Burei, which manufactures quality watches sold at a competitive price on the market.

Burei, quality watches with a neat design

Allen Jay decided to create the Burei brand after a long search for a brand that meets all its requirements. Betting on quality, he has also set prices that suit all budgets so that all fans of watches can get it. Burei watches are elegant, stylish and classy. The brand is based on high quality designed to last. All materials used is also durable, these materials are carefully chosen to bring absolute comfort to the person wearing the watch.

Burei has a passion for elegant design. The brand offers a wide choice of models, there is something for everyone. Burei watches feature quartz technology and Japanese movement called Miyota. This movement is reliable and is recognized by watchmakers from all over the world. Compared to the Swiss movement, the Miyota movement may be less reliable, but it is better than the Chinese movement, and yet very affordable.

Burei men’s watches

Men like to wear a watch wherever they go, it has become a habit for some of them, they can not do without it. Burei has created versatile models like the all-black Burei Unisex, which has a simple design. The design is ultra slim, and the person wearing it feels undeniable comfort. It works with the Japanese quartz movement, Time Module VX32 to offer accurate timing. The case of this watch is lightweight and made of 316L stainless steel, which resists shock and wear. This model can be worn on all occasions.

Here is another model of Burei watch for men very popular on the market. It has a scratch-resistant lens with a synthetic sapphire coating. The case is made of stainless steel. The hands are golden, and are underlined by a silver line. The date display is convenient and yet it does not weigh down the design of the watch. The watch works with quartz technology, and adopts the Japanese movement Miyota 8215, which gives the time accurately. This watch is rather recommended for business dinners or special occasions.

Burei watches for women

Burei offers various watch models. For women, we have for example the quartz watch with stainless steel bracelet. This model features a water-resistant sapphire crystal to a depth of 30 meters, or 99 feet. The bracelet has an invisible button clasp. The hands are in rose gold, which brings a touch of elegance, and the case is stainless steel. What is special about this watch is of course its refined design, combining pink gold with metallic gray. But in addition, it has, just below the hands, a date device. It comes in a pretty box worthy of a precious item, with a tool that is used to remove the bracelet links, and finally, with a gift bag.

The model that is raging right now is the Burei automatic skeleton watch. This is a very elegant watch, adorned with rhinestone diamond in the case. It has a round stainless steel case and is retained by a white bracelet. The hands are bright and the skeleton movement is automatic. This watch is water resistant up to 50 meters immersion. It comes with a nice watch case and a gift bag. This model comes in three colors, white, blue and brown.

Burei, the high-end brand at a low price

Although Burei is a recognized brand worldwide for the quality of its products as well as the unique design of each model, its watches are sold at an affordable price. The goal is to allow everyone to be able to wear a quality watch without having to spend a fortune. In addition, the official website offers discounts on certain models to the delight of customers loyal to the brand.

Why buy a Burei watch?

If you search the Internet for Burei brand watches, you will certainly find several models, some more elegant than the others. But the brand has combined luxury with cooler design, so there’s something for every taste and every occasion. The quality is especially in the materials used as well as the movement like, here, the Miyota, for more precision and reliability in the hour. And as we have seen, Burei offers its customers gift items for every purchase.

Burei watch review and price. What is it really worth?
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